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Welcome to our online store
Hello, welcome to my online store. I know my personal website has been down for sometime however its for good reason. I have been extremely busy designing and developing vehicles, parts, apparel and more for business's and customers around the world. To answer some of the frequently asked questions,

Q)   Are you still accepting motorcycle seat work?        A) Yes we have and always will build custom seats.
Q)   Are you still building car & Truck Interiors?          A) Yes high end interior work is an ongoing part of my life and one of my favorite creative outlets.
Q)   Do you still offer wholesale work through other companies, ie private label?   A) well that is a tough one. I do design parts for companies as well as light manufacturing however we are picky about who we deal with. We have slimmed down our worldwide dealer base over the past five years to make sure our customers are receiving our top products from companies with an equal commitment to customer satisfaction.
Q)   How do I go about having work performed?           A) That is easy, give us a call (860) 807-3913 or email [email protected]

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