Auto electrical and wiring

There are many reasons to repair wiring or completely re wire your vehicle .

Safety : if you are having gauges a lights working intermittently ,or not working at all. This is not just annoying its

              danger. These little broken wires cause shorts that will eventually short out and cause firs .

Mechanical issues :Many people do not realized that their cats performance is compromised by faulty wiring . From

                crossed wires that send signals to each other causing interference.

Upgrades : if you are looking to add a new instrument cluster we offer Dakota Digital . Classic instruments and many more          

                 parts to upgrade your dash. How about upgrading your audio video in your vehicle we offer many 12 volt  

                 upgrades like  gps, navigation , head unit and speaker upgrades. 

Complete vehicle wiring: whether you are building a new hot rod or replica or even just restoring a muscle car or classic

                  from scratch , our ASE master certified technicians are capable from wiring from scratch . In most cases we      

                 start with  either a factory reproduction harness from American Auto Wire or an after market kit from Ron Francis  

                  wire works  or Painless Wiring. In most cases it's more productive as wires are pre labeled . 





We always have those customers that want to go above and beyond for sound quality, which involves us to upgrade their wiring in their cars, for a crystal clear sound. Here are some of the steps we go by, and prep for our wiring.

Normally when people upgrade their wiring in their cars, it’s for A higher quality sound system. Factory wiring is made to fit your car, and transfer the right amount of electricity throughout your car, from your headlights to your radio. When a sound system is put in your car, the factory wiring cant handle the amount of power it is receiving, which makes your headlights dim, lights flicker, less power in the car, and an overall bad decision to leave that way. This is where “upgrading your wiring” comes into play. When putting in a sound system that is going to use a lot more power than the car normally does, you will need to upgrade your wiring. The bigger the better, you can say. The thicker the wiring gauge the more power it can handle. There are many different options of wiring gauge, including; 0,2,4,6,8,10,12,16,18,20,etc. The largest gauge is 0 and the “smallest” would be 20 sometimes 24. When wiring a car for a sound system, depending on how much power it contains, we normally use 0,4,or 10 gauges. Size matters for the current flow. If you have either a weak ground or to small of wiring, it can result in poor performance, and a potential safety hazard to you and your vehicle.To figure out the correct gauge you need you can use this. Total RMS Wattage times 2 (Inverse of Amp Efficiency) divided by 13.8 Volts equals Current Draw in Amperes.Than whatever number you have look down at the chart below to figure out what gauge you should be using. Wiring is although the main priority, most high performance sound systems will require a larger alternator and sometimes an extra battery.

Once you figure out all the necessities you need which include; sub woofer box, sub woofer, amplifier, wiring kit, 0,4,10 gauge, RCA cables, In-line fuse, speaker wire, wood screws, and basic tools needed, than it is map out your plan so you don’t forget anything..

Wiring a car from scratch

Here at Auto Moto we wire many hot rods and muscle cars from scratch.

Wiring a car yourself is one of those jobs that is overwhelming to most, we are here to iliminate your worries . 

Hear is a basic break down if some of the choices we will have to make . 

  • Are we using a complete wiring harness from a American Auto Wire company  , a Donor Car , Ron Francis or Painless Wiring ?

When using American Auto Wire Company, Ron Francis, or Painless Wiring, they all sell factory wiring harness' and aftermarket wiring kits. Their wiring harness' come pre wired, and pre labeled. Our technicians are capable of wiring from scratch, but when these wiring harness' or aftermarket kits are available it allows our technicians a quicker install and a more productive day. We use these three main company's for our wiring harness' and aftermarket wiring kits, for our hot rods, muscle cars, and regular cars, they always have what we need when we need it!

  • Do we bead to create our own wiring harness from scratch?


 When there are no factory wiring harness' or aftermarket wiring kits for our build, than we have to build our wiring harness from scratch. This takes a lot more time than using a pre made wiring harness. Our certified technicians are very skilled in making wiring harness' from scratch, but makes a less productive day, and more time spent on making sure all the wires are made correctly and are ready for the build. We can get our wiring, tools, and accessories needed to make the wiring harness from any of our local parts shops, including; Napa, Auto Parts, etc. The time waiting for the parts, as well as the time spent making the wiring harness, takes more time than a pre wired factory harness, but is also another option for your build. Many of our hot rods and muscle cars can't use factory wiring harness' so this is mainly when we have to make wiring harness' from scratch.   



  • Are we upgrading or adding components and will need to expand the current Barnes. 

When upgrading or adding components to a car, we use American Wire Company, Ron Francis, or Painless Wiring's stock factory wiring harness with add on's, as well as using their pigtails and accessories. Depending on what we use, depends on what we are upgrating in the vehicle. We upgrade most of our hot rod's and muscle cars, with new and improved digital gauges, sound systems and much more.

  • Permanent- Things you want to always work even when the key is removed. Such as; lights, stoplights, horn, hazards, computer memories, alarms, immobilizer, etc.
  • Run- Things that only go on when the engine is running. Such as; wipers, windshield washer, heater, ac, fuel pump, indications, etc.
  • Accessory- Things you want to go on without the ignition being on, but will turn off when the car is removed. Such as; car stereo, sound system, etc.