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Meet Dan our certified ASE master technician. Also known as the engine guru. Dan is a self-taught mechanic, metal fabricator and all-around hot rodder. His high aptitude for mechanics and passion for fast and loud motors led him to the hot rod world. But he didn’t want to just be good at what he did. He wanted to be the best at it. And that passion shows in all his 5 star builds. He’s been working in the car industry for over 45 years and has over 9 years experience with automotive restoration and custom builds. Dan builds custom street rods, such as; T Buckets and early fords. Dan knows everything from dirt bikes to drag boats. He’s the one guy you can go to with any question about cars or bikes and he knows the answer. He not only fixes cars and bikes, but also builds motors for them.Below are some pictures of the motors he has built.Dan was part of the EPA Superbird restoration. He rebuilt the engine and was the engineering of air sampling systems. Dan has built many motors and is still doing it today. He had 6 years experience of Inglese Induction System operations, as well as complete sales and building of high end Weber Induction Systems. Dans love for this industry, makes his work over the top. He puts numerous amounts of time and effort into everything he does so it can come out right the first time. Back in the day Dan participated in drag boat races, from building the motors, to racing the boats. He was part of the NDBA and raced boats for over 9 years. Below there is a video of his co-worker racing their boat, and of course Dan fixing anything it needed to make it would win the race! To think that someone can know so much is just crazy. Dan is just the man!


Drag Race Video;


Dan's Work;

298-302 Ford IDF

35C IDA System;

  SBC Engine Package Fuel Linke Stock FP;

SBC IDF T-Bucket Install;

Twin IDF Supercharged;

Windsor IDA;


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