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Chassis, Suspension, and Brakes

Middlefield CT


Looking for a bad-to-the bone chassis? Though often overlooked and invisible, the chassis is one of the most important parts of your ride. The chassis is what can give your ride superb handling and awesome performance. What makes a high dollar ride superior to us is the attention to detail in the places most people cannot see. Its also one of the reasons we take so many pictures during a build. We have been building custom chassis for over twenty years. From Air ride to race and pro touring applications, we specialize in making high-quality frames that are built, not bought. We offer many different brands to fit your ride and your price range. Don’t know what you need, no problem, allow our professional team to find the perfect parts for your ride! Our fabrication and body shop will take your original OE chassis and restore it to factory condition or better. We are your one stop shop for all your car needs, with our highly trained professional mechanics to build your car the right way, the first time through.

Some of the brands we carry/ offer for your build include;

Detroit Speed Engineering, which has a large variety of full sub frame kits, front/rear suspension upgrades, tubular control arms, performance roll bars, and much more. They specialize their sub frame kits, and suspensions for 67’-92’ F- Body’s, 2010+ Camaros, 62-67 Chevy II’s, 68’-74’ A-Body’s, 63’-67” Corvette’s, and 64’-70 Mustangs’.

We also use Art Morrison, for their; Full frames, sub frames, front/rear clips, and performance roll bar/ cages. They specialize their chassis for; 52’-62’ Corvettes’, C1 Corvettes’, 49’- 54’ Chevys’, 64’-72’ A-Bodies’, 47’-53’ GM Trucks’, 59’-64’ Chevrolets’,etc.

Another brand we carry is Ride Tech. They specialize in pro-touring vehicles, and they strive for the car to handle and drive great! Ride Tech offers high end pro-touring parts that we use for all pro touring vehicles including their; full suspensions’ including air ride and coil over suspensions. They also offer; shock waves, tubular control arms, coil overs, sway arms, bolt on 4 links, Muscle bars, and much more!We use the highest quality parts for your pro-touring beast.

We also carry Pete & Jakes/Superbell brands. They specialize in only hot rod products. We use their products for our hot rod’s, including their; spindles for early fords, chassis, suspensions, and much more. They specialize in 32’ Fords, 35’-40’ Fords, 28’-31’ Model A’s,etc.

Another hot rod brand we carry is TCI. We use them for their; full chassis’, coil over shocks, suspension kits, pro-touring packages, and much more. Their products are specialized for Model A’s, 32’-34’ Ford, 35’-40’ Ford trucks, muscle cars, pro-touring cars, etc.



Working with name brand manufactures to provide the best-performing and safest fully-functioning suspensions is key for a ride in order to have superior handling. There are many factors involved in properly setting up your vehicle from ride height to travel and safety. What's great about our shop is that we enjoy researching and designing unusual setups where many vehicle applications might not be available, and some are just not right and need a bit of re-engineering. Our ASE Master certified technicians will restore every nook and cranny of your suspension, because we pride ourselves in actually looking at and correcting even the smallest details. It's not about just the cosmetic restoration; it's about the safety and function ability.


By far, the most important part of your car is probably its ability to stop. Anyone with an older drum brake set-up knows just how difficult they are to stop. Your vehicle might not be able to react quickly in an emergency. New "Late Model" vehicles handle so much better. You have the option to getting modern safety and breaking in your classic car. We can convert your manual drum brakes to hydraulic, fast-stopping disc brakes. We work primarily with Wilwood and Baer brakes. Wilwood offers many different options for brakes. We carry a lot of their products including; brake kits, bolt on brake kits, front/rear caliper kits, big brake kits, swing pedals, master cylinders, clutch assembly’s, and much more.Baer is similar to Wilwood but have their own brand as well, we carry some of their products including their; brake systems, front/rear caliper kits, master cylinders. Replacement rotors/ pads, front and rear rotors, and much more. We use the highest quality brakes on our builds. We carry numerous brands, so the customer can choose the one that best fits their car and their price range. We can also build your systems with steel or stainless lines. Another great aspect of our shop is that our technicians have been working with older style drum brakes for many years, and have real world experience. There are a few more brands we carry as well, such as; MBM, Stainless Steel Brake Corp, and ECI. We carry; drum to disc brake conversions, power brake booster, master cylinder kits, proportion valves, and much more from MBM. As well as products from SSBC, such as there; brake kits, spindles, front/rear rotors, power booster, and master cylinders. We carry ECI products, including; disc brake kits, rebuilding brake kits, brake pedal kits, disc brake kit components, universal brake booster and early ford disc brakes. Each brand has there own set of prices, which range from high to low. Since we carry many different brands, the customer has many options on the price they would like to spend, from as low as $500.00 to something that’s over $1,000. Our shop wants you to be able to build your car even on a budget! Come on in and talk to one of our highly trained employees for the best products for you and your car!