Mike's Monte Carlo SS

Mike's Monte Carlo SS bubble back

Eddie Barrett - Saturday, August 15, 2015

Check out this cool Monte Carlo SS bubble back rear glass that we are building a cool luxury pro touring style modern interior for. We are totally re sculpting the seats, front and rear as well as wrapping the dash in real Italian leather. Many Many pain staking hours go into a re sculpted custom interior like this. Many people take for granted the love of labor that goes into a project of this creativity.  This is not a re-upholstery job, this is a fully sculpted and custom re patterned interior.

Here we begin with the removal of the dash. You must document every steop so it goes back in better than factory. Rushing at this stage only leads to problems and sloppy work.


Getting to look a little scary. LOl

Quick shot of wiring before dash is completely removed. This shows exactly were everything was prior to removal

Door panels removed and ready for a clear canvas to design the new custom ones.


Seats are out and coming a part. Not Going to look like this any more

And bnow we begin. First we have to make the seats simetrical and then we star sculpting to our desired shaope and design. We removed the factory headrest and are turning into a medium high/low back integrated headrest seat. This will look totally bitch'n


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