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Restoring a classic car back to period-correct condition presents unique challenges.Whether you’re restoring or customizing a muscle car, sports car, or classic car, these projects often have already been improperly restored or modified. Many years of temporary fixes can eventually lead to a vehicle running and performing sub-par. We have the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to locate the correct parts and restore your classic to original condition or better.


Our ASE certified master technicians not only repair to perfection, but every step of the repair is accompanied by photos and detailed step-by-step accounts of repair work and repairs. Vintage parts can be difficult to acquire and sometimes are no longer available. We do frame-off rotisserie restorations of driver quality or concours-quality condition.


In order to uncover all potential problem areas, we start with a complete dis-assembly. All parts of the vehicle are labeled, and photos are taken during every stage of the repair process. We will locate hard-to-find parts like carburetors, fuel lines, crank shafts, etc. Rest assured that if parts can not be located, we machine parts from scratch or restore rare original parts.


While we specialize in complete restorations, we also offer a variety of stand-alone services for your project. From general mechanical repairs to every day maintenance of brakes and daily issues, Stryker Automotive Group LLC will help you get back on the road and enjoying your vehicle.


Rare motors:

Looking to for the correct shop to restore your specialty motor? With over 30 years of vintage sports car engine and chassis tuning you are in the right Place.Experienced professional Weber carburetor tuning. Top quality service and parts.