Joe's 33 Plymouth

33 Plymouth update 8/19

Eddie Barrett - Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hey guys! We have finally finished Joe's 33 Plymouth. Many weeks and long hours later, it is finally complete! The photos below show step by step of what we completed on this hot rod.



We have repaired all the dings and scratches that were on the body. Also, we have corrected the mechanical issue and tuned the blown injected Hilborn on a 392 Hemi. A new master cylinder was added also. We repaired the improperly installed disc brakes, and completely ran new break lines as well as fittings. Dan re adjusted the transmission kick down, calibrated the throttle control (TPS) ,installed a new idle speed motor (ALS), and programmed the PFI. In the photos below you can see the hand made brackets for the motor.




 We have made a fully custom interior for top to bottom in this vehicle. We began by making a fully custom Italian Leather interior, which you can see in the photos below how nice everything goes together.


We have made a custom hand wrapped steering wheel made from the Italian Leather as well. When driving the vehicle there is a nice grip for your hands when they are on the steering wheel. In the photo below you can see how nicely done it was.

Custom header panel on the windshield to match the custom interior of the vehicle.


We had made a one piece molded composite headliner, with a custom molded dome light in the headliner. In the photo below you can see how nice it fits with the headliner, perfect fit.


Each panel in this vehicle was hand made. The door panels were cut out to the size of the doors, side panels, etc. They were wrapped in Italian Leather. Aluminum detailed strips were added on the door panels. As you can see in the photo the strips make the door panels look more elegant and fits the custom interior of the car. Also, there was no mounting brackets for anything in the car. So we had to make our own brackets for the panels and the other interior accessories.


We have also reshaped and reformed the seats and added heated seats. The seats are wrapped in Italian Leather, you can also see that we added a custom drop out center console, with a pop out cup holder. When not in use the cup holder goes inside of the console and the console closes smooth with the seats, to look like nothing is even there! 


We have also made a custom center console for the shifter. As you can see in the photo we hand made the console to fit in the center of the car. And wrapped it with the Italian leather.

We have made a custom air craft carpet edged with leather, known as the "Mercedes Edging". As you can see in the photos above the carpet goes very good with the Italian leather.

The trunk was fully customized as well. As you can see in the photos below the trunk is fully fabricated with the air craft carpet and the Italian leather. The amp in the center of the back panel fits in smoothly for a nice elegant look.



We have made fully custom panels for the speakers. The panels were custom to fit the 33 Plymouth, and made for quality sound. As you can see in the photos below we had to make our own brackets to hold the panels for the speakers together. Also, you can see the panels in the front for the front speakers. We mounted all of the speakers with custom brackets to hold.


A new single din kenwood radio was put in the dash. As you can see in the photos below the radio fits in smoothly with the dash, making it a nice clean look.

In the trunk we have made a custom panel to fit the amp. As you can see in the photo the amp fits smoothly with the interior, for a nice clean look. The amp powers the speakers in the front and back for a crystal clear sound in the vehicle.






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