Dave's 69 AMX

Dave's 69 AMC AMX

Eddie Barrett - Sunday, July 12, 2015

Once in a while you meet a customer who has the same excitement and desire to build a radical ride. Our customer  has given us an opportunity to build an extremely high end awesome AMC AMX Javeline. Their is no part that hasn't been slightly or radically customized. Our goal is to build a pro touring muscle car monster. We will keep many of the signature styles and characteristics of the original American Motor companies AMX , however also updating , correcting and heck.... just personalizing this vehicle . Please follow along as we enjoy ourselves chopping cutting and modifying this classic car into a modern day street machine.

Above is a picture of the vehicle as we re-assemble it for mock up and modifications. Another shop had started this project so we need to see whats wrong before we move forward. Luckily we did as their are many hidden and missed complications that we found.

Above and below as we correspond with our customers we like to create quick computer renderings to get a feel for what direction the customer wants to go.

Once we are on the same page we come up with a temporary plan of attack and start the modifications.

Above , to clean up the unsightly AMC AMX gaps we had to perform some pretty extensive modifications to the rear of the car. Its the subtle details that matter in a project like this.Below you can see Smok'n Joe flush mounting the glass. This is a cool way to modernize the vehicle without changing the over all charectoristics of the vehicle.

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