Dave's 69 AMX

1969 AMC AMX Pro Touring Build

Eddie Barrett - Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Please follow along as we build, restore and customize this radical American Motor Company AMC AMX.



This is a good photo of the car as we re assemble it for mock up. The car was previously started and unfortunately was going in the wrong direction. once we evaluated all the areas that needed to be addressed we could then move forward with the fun stuff. The design and build process is the most fun part. Picking custom work to be done, coming up with renderings and ideas. Below is some quick renderings we do to get started, then as the process evolves we create better detailed renderings.




 The Orange AMX is a  preliminary quick example of modifying a picture off the web.This gives us as well as our customer an idea and direction. Below you will see the grey computer quick rendering. After receiving input and ideas from our customer we moved to this look and started dabbling with wheel options.




Now we customize the car.....



Above you will see we are modifying the rear bumper. We needed to move it up around 3/4 of and inch as well as closer to the body. We also sectioned the bumper and shortened around 5/16".This is quite a bit of work however on a high end build proper fitment is a must. When yoou look below you can see the nice tight gaps the rear bumper lights and trunk have.



Below you can see we are going a little crazy with detail on the AMX build. We are building all new windshield channels, and no not because of rot or damage we are doing this to raise and flush mount the glass. This will give the car a clean subtle look as well as eliminate the chrome moldings. Looks great however we have no room for error. Everything has to be perfect.



Below, not much to look at however we body work the inside of the fenders just like the outside. Some might say a bit over kill however if you want high end extra painstaking hours are put into many unseen areas. Our metal work is finished to a stage that virtually no body work is needed . As an extra percaution we use epoxy, and water and rust resistant fillers and primers to strengthen worked areas.

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