Dave's 69 AMX


Eddie Barrett - Monday, December 07, 2015

We have been making great progress on Dave's AMX Javelin. Stay tuned as we build a pro-touring monster! 

We have began to remove the inner strut towers, when we noticed some bad factory spot welds. Even though it wouldnt be seen, we know that Dave has very high standards and is paticular about his car. So we went above and beyond and got rid of the crappy spot welds, and welded on new metal. We are not your ordinary shop that when something looks  bad and wont be noticed we leave it, we do the complete opposite and change it right away to look and be perfect. We have very high standards for our customers vehicles and want every inch of their car to look and be ideal. Check out the photos below of the before and after. Our next steps are to smooth down where the strut towers were, modify the firewall, and begin to make a carbon fiber hood, which will weigh 50% less than a steel hood. Carbon fiber hoods are twice as stiff as steel hoods, and at the end of this build it will reduce the cars weight about 750 pounds, for a faster pro-touring beast!


Before we spot welded new metal onto the inner fender's

During the process of spot welding new metal onto the inner fenders

Final product of new metal on the inner fenders!

A lot more to go, but we are ready to finish this pro-touring beast!

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