Custom Motorcycle Seats

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Eddie Barrett's Motorcycle seats are known worldwide as the best-looking, most comfortable seats on the market. People choose our custom seat program specifically because of our incredible attention to detail with not only your seat, but also you, the rider. By listening in detail to your problems, we are able to fine tune your seat exactly they way you want and need it, so you will have a seat you can be proud of. We have a detailed questionnaire that helps our highly experienced craftsmen sculpt your seat to perfection. Every rider is different, and therefore every seat has to be form-fitted and individually matched to you. We use only the finest materials that we have personally tested for over 20 years. We install gel and our own Comfort Pack™, but only when it is absolutely needed. We use all orthopedic products to ensure that all of our seats are of the highest quality. Our sales staff never tries to sell you additional items you don't need.

We stock a wide variety of materials from rider comfort products to high-styled, fashionable, cool-looking products to personalize your bike. Vinyls, leathers and exotics are in stock so you can see and touch the products. Please feel free to visit our showroom, where a sales associate will guide you through the journey of customizing your seat. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on not only our products, but also our services.

Rest assured that you are in the right place for your motorcycle seat customization, as for years we have been not only building individual customer seats, but also designing, manufacturing, testing, and prototyping seats for leading motorcycle seat manufactures.

We offer:

  • Custom Seat Pans
  • Custom Backrests
  • Foam Modifications
  • Gel Inserts
  • Comfort Pack
  • Custom Covers
  • Custom Stitching
  • Embroidery
  • Exotic Materials