Clarks 66 VW Pickup

Our customer finally gave us the go ahead to take the pickup interior apart and customize it! Full custom interior.


Eddie Barrett - Friday, November 20, 2015

Our customer Clark gave us the go ahead to customize the interior and exterior of his truck. A full handmade interior will be made for it,as well as a sick paint job making it look better than ever! We will be restoring the whole body as well, to make this truck just perfect!

Adrian is in full effect of getting the whole interior ripped out! Than time to strip the paint and begin resoration! Follow along as we make this rare pickup look better than ever!


We are proud to be able to work on this rare groovin’ joy ride, 1966 Volkswagen (VW) Single Cab Pickup truck. Shortly after Volkswagen developed the microbus and panel van there was a high demand for pickup trucks, so this is where the VW Single cab pickup truck came. This was and still is a one of a kind pickup truck. The front windshield was a split windshield just like the microbus. The single cab has a single bench seat for the driver and 2 passengers up front with a large pick up bed. The height of the engine’s upright fan shroud was much larger than normal, which allowed the floor of the bed to sit higher then most pick up trucks in this era. To make good use of the space beneath, VW offered optional “tool box” aka (“treasure box”) compartments with locking doors, which made good use for tools and more. The most unique feature on this pick up was the three sides of bed, which were hinged, so that the sides of the bed could be unlatched and folded down to make it easier to load things onto the bed, without having to lift them over the bed. No other pickup trucks offer this unique design.


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