• We are not the guys that flip cars nor are we the restoration shop that cuts corners to perform work for people who flipping cars. We have dedicated our life and business to perform all aspects of work to higher standards for clients who know and agree that together we are preserving the past and creating the future of Automobiles.Vehicles that start their restoration to be sold quickly for a profit are almost always built with cheap inferior parts as well as many corners are cut during the build process. We choose to work with precision and use nothing but the best quality products and parts.
    • Restorations are sometimes large and overwhelming. Our job aside from high quality craftsmanship is to properly guide our customers through a fun and exciting build together. You are always in control of your build. We guide you to make the process efficient and fun.


    • " It Always cost more the second time" All work is on an hourly basis and a pay as you go format. customers receive weekly time and material sheets as well as pictures, videos and much correspondence. This allows you to know exactly were you are.
    • We know restoration cost climb quickly so we keep you updated so their are no hidden surprises.We offer local show quality as well as national show quality. We wont cut corners however do have ways to help out budget oriented projects.
    • Labor rates are similar for most vehicles, therefore if you are restoring a Fiat or a Ferrari , your labor can be similar.( With exception of locating difficult and rare parts ). the resale value of you vehicle is not a concern of ours. The responsibility of the vehicle you choose to restore is yours. The quality is ours.


    • Many customers have had their vehicles for many years and may not need a full resto. We can repair or even upgrade and modernize your ride. This obviously helps in keeping the price considerably lower.
    • When you are in control of the build start to finish you are free to make changes to the car. Everything from addition of creature comforts, to modernizations and customizations will all be made available to you.


    • Many people start a restoration project with the optimism of a fun and enjoyable project. This is not always t,he case. We are committed to providing our customers with the one on one personalized service you deserve. We pride ourselves in giving a pleasurable fun experience. Just one conversation with any of our employees, you will see our passion and excitement in automobiles..


    Automotive General RESTORATION

    • Preliminary consultation to come up with a good solid direction and plan of attack..
    • Design with hand illustration and computer renderings.
    • Weekly labor and material updates as well as pictures and videos. All documentation will be provided at completion of project via flash drives and hard copies.
    • Billing is in small stages. This gives achievable goals to help the visual progression on time consuming projects.
    • Pay as you go, keeps things honest and open. Our progress is dictated by your pay flow. If at anytime you need to stop o project we can easily stop and pick up at a later date. We do ask to complete certain stages as stopping at odd points might end up costing you or your vehicle more in the ling run.


    • Our Modest 10,000 + square foot facility is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment, operated by certified and Master certified technicians.
    • Alarmed and insured for safety and ease of mind.
    • Customers are welcome to stop by and visit our showroom during business hours. We do recommend calling for an appointment to receive the proper attention you deserve.