Custom Interior on Sema prop car

Eddie Barrett - Friday, November 06, 2015

Ever see a real life sized hot wheels car? Well neither have we, until our customer brought us his now-ionic Twin Mill prop car to do a full custom interior, stereo system, and to check out his mechanical problems. We had one week to make a bad ass custom interior for his car.  Our customer Tommy has spent three years in counting on his prop car. He had created some of the most memorable of Hot Wheels cars, including; Torero, Turbofire and the now-ionic Twin Mill that he wanted us to work on. He had reproduced the Twin Mill as a full-scale replica of the toy Hot Wheels car, by building it on a stretched 1967 Chevrolet Corvette chassis. He had said that each engine provides 575 horsepower on pump fuel or as much as 1,000 horsepower when running on nitrous. Our upholstery team spent day and night making this car perfect. We had many steps to do before we could make the interior. Including; fiber glassing the seats, taking measurement by measurement of the floor, seats, hood, and much more. We had made a fully custom hand made interior out of cheetah print,  white vinyl diamond pleat stitching, as well as shag for the floor mats.  Nobody has ever had heard of finishing a full custom interior in five days. But we did it! And the outcome looks great! All you need is a committed team and a lot of Dunkin Donuts coffee to pull of a bad ass interior like we did.


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